In and Out of Napa

With Nathan Haas & Team Dimension Data

Post tour of California, thanks to our fantastic sponsors, the team went to spend a few days in the Napa valley at the incredible Carnetos Inn.

First stop before reaching our destination: IN AND OUT BURGER. No tour of California is complete without three things: 1. Mike Dimkitch, the guitarist from Bad Religion and him training with Cav/ posing for a photo with Brian Holm 2. All our girlfriends being totally jealous when we meet Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy from Greys Anatomy) 3. The post tour trip to In and Out Burger. It did not disappoint. Double Double with animal fries and a shake so thick it needed anti freeze to get it down, we showed restrain, they still had some food left for other customers…image10-1image8-1

A few days of r&r with the boys and our stakeholders. What a treat. Being Australian, I’ve always been skeptical of California wines… I thought most came in a box, but the yields of the area were no disappointment… the head the next morning, maybe a little. 

We went on morning rides, and let our legs heal, enjoyed the banter with the guys from Dimension Data and Deloitte and we met some fantastic people. I even got to drive a Tesla. Yes, If I could, I would. Totally converted! 


Of course, we hear quite a few speakers over our time as athletes, but we had one key speaker at this event that really, really hit the heart, hit home, and just gave us all that mid-season boost we need…. His name is John Maclean. He is one of the most incredible humans I’ve had the honour of spending time with. Read about his story, and maybe even get his book, or if you want a speaker for an event, he is a true motivator who’s life’s quest is to find out just how far he can go. Great wake up call. 


Anyhow, after these wonderfully bliss days in the Californian sun it was time to switch back on. Back to the salt mines was it were, to prepare for the summer of racing ahead. A huge thanks for the respite. California, I do like you.


Words and Images: Nathan Haas @nathanpeterhaas