Women’s Tour of Poland!

Exciting news about the future of the race

Just after the Men’s Tour of Poland ended this year the first two day women’s race took place. Back up the mountain for  3 stages over 2 days, seeing the Swiss Olympian Jolanda Neff win the overall. The crowds were fantastic, the infrastructure from the Men’s World Tour race was applied, and we’d call the inaugural event a success.

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Perhaps even more exciting though is the plans for the race in the future. Czeslaw Lang, General Director  of TDP wants to bring the race up another level next year: “The women’s race represents a new big opportunity for the Tour de Pologne. We took actions according with the UCI, and next year the race will be part of the UCI World Tour race calendar probably with 5 stages. And we want try to have the live television cover for the women too. This is the project. We want bring the women’s race at the same organization level of the men’s race.”IMG_9644-7 IMG_9649-8 IMG_9584-3

It’s amazing to hear a head of a men’s World Tour race say this. And what an amazing idea to use the existing infrastructure to ease the demand of running two races.  So ladies: get ready! This is gonna be one sick race next year.  We assume once again it will use some of the same courses as the men’s race, which was epic this year.  AND it came with some smokin hot podium dudes for the girls. Hat’s off to the Tour de Pologne for this move.

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