Weird Moments with Carlee Taylor

episode 2: Strange sounds in the night

I’m the kind of person that always ends up having funny shit happen to them. I don’t know why. Like how was I meant to know pre start heat cream wasnt good for the face. Or neck warmers can’t fit over helmets. Clearly  just a bit of bad luck. Yep: how my brain works is sometimes even a mystery to me. So it goes without question that my room-mate, bestie, and partner in crime, is the voice of reason in our house hold. For those of you who don’t know, this person is Loren Rowney. But, she is currently flying the flag back in AUS about to race Oceanias, and so I have been faced with the scary fact that my brain is THE ‘voice of reason’….

So…the other day when I woke up to 2 voices coming from my lounge room. I immediately thought the most logical explanation: two people had broken into the apartment and were now discussing what to do about the chick asleep in the bedroom. Definitely the most logical explanation. I mean, my team-mate had told me on training camp that she woke up once with a stranger in her room (he had broken in!) So yep, this shit actually happens! Well, so my brain thought. Which meant that if I were to get out my bed I had two options of self-defense:

(A) Use my photo frame next to my bed to stab whoever it was, or

(B) my heart rate strap as a whip.

I realised I was would probably not win that battle (my brain must have switched on) and started to actually wake up a bit more and try intently to understand the language I had only learnt for 8 years or more. (FYI I understood nothing.) It wasn’t until this point though that I finally started to think like how Loren (or any normal person might think) and entered phase three; common sense. I remembered that our TV sometimes turns on randomly. And yea, this probably is a more realistic explanation than 2 intruders having a conversation in my lounge room now that I think about it.

So turns out my brain just has a few processes to go through first before I should act. But think I still might head to the shops to by myself a bat. You can never be too safe right haha just hope Loren doesn’t come home unexpected any time soon! Yep. Living by yourself…. you never feel like you are  completely alone!

Words: Carlee Taylor @carleetaylor1

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