Tyler Farrar’s Rider of the Month!

The award is back for 2017.

For the first honours of the new year we’ve asked the legendary Tyler Farrar to choose the “Rider of the Month.” The parameters: anyone he wants, anyone who is particularly bad ass, anyone who is awesome.

For the first rider of the month in 2017 I’ve chosen Angel Vicioso. The reason for this is his participation in the Cyclingtips/VTWO carpark climb challenge DURING TDU. literally her rode back from Willunga and then raced up an urban carpark in a special event.  And still started stage 6 the next day.  Badass. If you are doing that shit in the middle of down under. Respect.

Also: he’s got one of the best names in the pro peloton; VICIOUS ANGEL translated essentially.”

Photo courtesy of Cyclingtips: c. Tim Bardsley-Smith
Photo courtesy of Cyclingtips: c. Tim Bardsley-Smith

Well Ty, pretty good reasons all around. Angel, Hope you enjoyed your “Furphy” Beer, Geelong’s finest!