Tour of Poland Wrap

What a week at the Tour de Pologne…. starting in Warsaw, travelling to the south of the country, up and down the mountains, weather like the classics…. all whilst no one was watching due to the Tour de France.

The first few days were blazing sun, Tintoretto sunsets, sprints, easy transfers (minus one long haul.) Smooth sailing.


But the start of stage 4, the rain started falling. And didn’t stop for 3 days. As we climbed higher and higher into the mountains the temperature dropped lower and lower. A day that will go down in history (of those that were here) 185 riders started stage 4, 100 finished.

IMG_9292-7IMG_9317-8 IMG_9340-9 IMG_9355-10

As we drove down the mountain for the final Time Trial the rain finally started to clear up. The wind stayed strong though for the riders who faced it head on for the second half of their race against the clock. Krakow’s brilliance shone through the cloud cover though, as the crowds and racing did not disappoint, even with the abbreviated start list.

IMG_9386-12 IMG_9418-13 IMG_9449-14IMG_9492-16 IMG_9502-17

We snuck in a visit to the last remaining fragment of the Krakow Ghetto wall (from World War 2.) A sobering moment away from the chaos of the race. But a reminder that the opportunity to travel, and see a bike race, and be part of the travelling circus is truly a blessing.

We plan on coming back next year, this race is pretty badass, so until then… look out for a bit of coverage from the first Women’s Tour of Poland in the next few days!