Toms Skujin’s Rider of the Month

Y’all know the drill by now.  We ask a rider to choose another rider once a month for the TOP AWESOMENESS AWARD. For August, we’ve requested Toms Skujins be judge and jury:

It’ll be Tom Van Asbroeck. Why you might ask?

He did Poland, Eneco and started the Vuelta all in August. But not only his race day amount is impressive this month, but his selflessness. He got 3rd in a sprint at the Vuelta, but most days he’s been ripping his legs off for Woods. Like, he’d be ok battling time cut as long as Mike got a comfy ride. Such a team player. However not only his riding is impressive, but his attitude off the bike. At his young age he’s already a proper dad with two kids. That’s a huge win in life already.”

We can back that reasoning mate. So we’re sending a nice bottle of wine for Tom down to Madrid for the Vuelta. Tom, if you are reading this, it’s being sent down with the fantastic Elly Woods, the better half of Mike…. so if it comes 1/2 drunken…. well, we can’t make any promises, but she will have it for you! (maybe, probably, hopefully….)