‘Thereabouts 2’

Lachlan Morton on his new film…

The work/life balance of a profession cyclist can be a hard balance to strike, but it looks like Lachlan Morton has found his groove. Lachlan spent the 2015 season riding for the Jelly Belly team alongside his brother Gus, giving them the opportunity to create a highly anticipated sequel to their first film: “Thereabouts” We caught up with Lachlan ahead of the film’s release.

Of course making a sequel can be a particular challenge. The expectation is to create something new, and build on the first piece, to be derivative but innovative. “The first trip was an amazing experience. It did a lot for me personally. I wanted to share that with some more riders. I love riding new roads and challenging myself. Gus is great with the film stuff, he has great vision for how to best capture a ride like this.” Lachlan said.


“More riders means more logistics. We had to fit it in to everyone’s schedule. It was less spontaneous. But more riders was a huge plus for me. We all became best mates in 5 days. Being in the mountains was also drastically different. We battled cold and climbs instead of heat and headwinds. We also had a small budget for this one so it wasn’t straight out of pocket which was nice. I should say ‘less’ out of pocket. “

As for particular moments to look out for in the film? “The day into Grand Junction (Colorado) was epic. Definitely the highlight for me.”


The film was created in between the demands and schedules of being full time professional cyclists. And how do he balance artistic endeavours with life as a pro cyclist? “Poorly ha. I switch on and switch off from both. I have a rush of ideas then go riding for a week. Gus is better at keeping things on track.”

The Morton brothers’ natural artistic and aesthetic prowess shines clear in all their work.  A visual spectacle worthy of film festival circuits, not only will we be sure to see storytelling at its finest, but also a raw beauty in cinematography often missing in cycling films. If you haven’t seen the first film you can watch it here.

Thereabouts 2 will be released online in December.  You can catch it on their website and select partner’s sites.

Images: Lachlan Morton, Gus Morton and Scott Mitchell