The Soigneur Secret Life

The nightly laundromat at the Tour Down Under

At the Tour Down Under, teams are without their usual creature comforts.  The team bus and trucks are far away overseas, so the normal procedures get changed up a bit.  Every year in Adelaide, the soigneurs haul the riders wash on a nightly basis to a laundromat, about a kilometre away.

laundryIMG_4347laundry2laundryIMG_4401laundry3laundryIMG_4421laundryIMG_4484laundry5     As soon as the laundry is in, the local pub across the street picks up a bit of business from the carers, taking a few moments of much needed respite away from the race…. laundryIMG_4435laundyIMG_4510  The conversation stayed mainly away from bike racing… its amazing, a lot of these guys have known each other for many many years, travelling in the rodeo season after season.  More than often, talk of home, family, and the year ahead took precedent over the day’s results.laundry4laundryIMG_4498laundryIMG_4552

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