The misadventures of Nash Dougall

As told to hoomans. 
Hello there, I’m Nash Dougall, you should know me by now, because I’m Insta-famous as heck, but if you don’t, I’m Nicolas Dougall (Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka)and Brooke Soon-To-Be Dougall’s Dog. But you can’t really say that, because everything is for Doge, so technically, they’re MY Hoomans. imageI normally live in Lucca, with my Dimension Data friends, but hey, it’s the off-season! A doge has places to be! First off my Mom LEFT me, but it was chill, because she left me with Uncle JJ (DDD continental mechanic) and we stayed with Uli Schoberer at the SRM house. It was awesome fun, I got to swim, and play with Trevor Court and Dr. Jon! (Coaches, Team DDD) But then Uncle JJ started packing his suitcases, and I decided I was NOT being left behind again.
My Aunty Ilaria took over and we went on the loooongest flight ever, when we landed MOM WAS AT THE AIRPORT AND I WAS IN SAN FRANCISCO! She bought me flowers and flags, which was extremely rude because ya know, prosciutto…image
Then it was off to Lake Tahoe we went! Mum said Uncle Ben King was here this year for some two wheeled ridiculousness, but I just liked all the cold white stuff at the top of the mountains! Of course, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I went SWIMMING. IT. WAS. FREEZING. Kind of pretty too I guess, if you’re into trees
and lakes and all that stuff.imageimage

I think the altitude was affecting me in some weird way, because on Tursday night , I Thought I heard someone say Donald Dump would be president, which is kind of weird because Hooman scoops my poo on his face every day…Wouldn’t he be kinda smelly? I guess w call him a Repooplican now?
That’s all for now, but tune in next time to hear about my trip to the golden gate bridge, find out what a Nashkin Dougall is and most importanly, It’s MY BIRTHDAY! I will be Terribly Two on Monday November 21st! It’s also Dad’s Birthday, so if youre into saying happy birthday to pro cyclists, whatevs.
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imageBut MOST importanly, if you don’t know what Qhubeka is, go to QHUBEKA.ORG RIGHT NOW! Because I’m a dog, and If I know, shouldn’t you? #DontHateDonate

Nash Out.




bonus pic of me looking adorbs: image