Team Pursuit Camp

Gallery with the Aussie Women

Adelaide: December.  Whilst most cyclists are enjoying some off time, or pre season training, its full swing in track season.  We pulled a few strings and got access to fly on the wall for a bit during the Aussie Women’s Team Pursuit camp.

Firstly- freaking hell these girls go fast.  It’s hard to actually imagine it on TV- or even from the stands, but alone in the Velodrome- you really can’t even describe it.

Secondly- it’s amazing the precision and training that goes into it- the coaching, the drills, the formations etc. Like conducting and orchestra really.

Lastly- We see cycling teams all the time- the cohesion between squads for a stage race or classics- but this is a bit different.  This team is TIGHT. Like, super tight.  They’ve got to be.  There is so much trust there.

Big thanks to all the awesome women were totally cool with being photographed, and their coach and cycling Australia for letting us come!

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