The rickshaw challenge!

As the dust settled on the final podium of the Tour Down Under, we gathered our group of ultra cool pro riders (Thanks Koen for bringing like, your entire team) for the second annual stage 7 challenge. Aka the pro rickshaw race, held in an empty parking lot a stone’s throw from the Hilton.  We met in front of the hotel and walked on over (with a few drinks in hand, thanks to the amazing press room.)

This year saw a MUCH bigger field (last year had 4 riders) and perhaps some uninvited sponsorship from a certain energy drink, but we just rolled with what we walked into. 12 riders signed up to start the challenge.

The course this year took on a bit of an incline, a few tight corners and of course, the ability for all these riders to have their first win of the season, and seriously, a win with ALL the CRED.

Scroll through the gallery to get the full story of how the racing went down.

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After a quick test lap, the riders were off, with the Trek boys putting in some seriously challenging time. Team Dimension Data fielded two riders, but as we learned last year, putting your partner in the back is not an advantage. No one wants to break bones AFTER the race is over.Of course Team Sunweb brought their a-squad as well, at least as far as beards and sleeveless shirts were concerned.  After the hot laps, Edward Theuns was the victor, using that sprint power to overtake all his opponents.

The final podium saw a Trek Segafredo sweep. Like serious moves from the boys there. Anyway, they won some beer, and a shitty trophy.

After discussions with our co-producers (aka Shoddy Dave) we’ve decided next year needs a big shake up: higher stakes, bigger challenges, so keep an eye out until then, which we are sure will be by far the best “stage 7” yet.


Special Thanks to Eco Caddy and Cyclingtips (full video of the event will be on Cyclingtips like, super soon.)