TDU stage 7

the 2018 shenanigans

So we changed things up a bit for our 3rd annual unofficial “stage 7” of the Tour Down Under.  Firstly we were missing Dave Everett from Cyclingtips, so flying solo on the planning was a bit more difficult.  But really, we just could not resist when we had the opportunity to work with the HandleBar- we had to take it.

What is the HandleBar you ask?  it’s a pedal powered bar-mobile that we take ourselves on a tour of the city, whilst enjoying bevvies provided by the Tour Down Under- Thanks Michele!

First step: get on board!  Ok- it was a bit harder piling on than we thought- but we brought the big guns.  Thanks Carlee, Loren, Minda and Jess for like, serious powering the left side of this bad boy.

Of course- sign the waiver- we limited ALL the liability here.  I mean really- we couldn’t go very fast with the gearing, but that was probably the highest watts per kilo this bike has ever seen.


And we were off! First stop was to pick up some more passengers out front of our TDU home- the Hilton. We welcomed Chris, Josh from Bike Radar, Mads and Mads on board firstly where they picked up some cold drinks- yea it was seriously hot out still.

Last minute Paddy jumped on board too and we were off.  Ok- we aren’t sure if Paddy knew what he was getting himself into.  He might have just walked out of the Hilton at the wrong time and maaaaybe we peer pressured him into getting on board.  Serious Paddy Power though right? And we were off.

So the last editions of stage 7 have had a clear winner- but this was more a “you can’t win if you don’t play” or “everyone’s a winner” type of situations.  We had a pedal, we had a seriously good laugh.  We realised 90% of the way through that Hamo’s seat didn’t have pedals and he was just enjoying the ride- so maybe he’s the winner? We did a few laps, and pedalled back to home base to get changed for dinner.

It’s things like this that make Tour Down Under truly awesome.  Big thanks to HandleBar Adelaide for making it happen and the TDU press office for their support.  Thinking hot laps of Victoria Square next year?  Head to head teams? Lets make it happen!

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