Steele vs Nathan: TIMEZONE

The Von Hoff vs. Haas arcade challenge.

Geelong Central. January 2. Two days of Bay Crits down and one to go. The competitive bug is on.

A side glance and a quick aside over dinner and we are on our way to Time Zone for the first (hopefully annual) arcade challenge.

The rules:  Three games (upon mutual decision.) Best out of the three games will be crowned victor of the night. But first a warm up game of Horse Play to get the rust off.

First game on the official challenge: Air Hockey. Super sized super coloured TIME ZONE special air hockey. The cards were swiped (I know right, it’s all electronic now.) and the game was ON.

img_3149-3 img_3157-5 img_3167-7The play was tight as the competitors battled for victory in the first test. Von Hoff took an early lead but Haas was hot on his tails as the multi puck section of play approached.  With a loud clatter the field was flooded with 50 different pucks, for an all out brawl of reflexes and wit. It was anyone’s game. The action happening at a dizzying speed.

As the pucks eventually cleared away, Haas noticed most had gone though his goal. Reluctantly he accepted defeat on game one: VON HOFF: 1 HAAS: 0


Next up: Basketball. 60 Seconds of sheer shootout madness. As many baskets as possible in 60 seconds.  Granted this is a far cry from an NBA regulation set up, the rapid-fire nature delivered its own set of challenges.

img_3264-17 img_3272-18 img_3274-19A perfect 5 in a row start for Haas set his confidence soaring.  He played the measured game, taking time to line them up, as Von Hoff preferred the “fast and furious” technique hoping the volume would negate the success rate.  As the seconds wound down, Haas stood back towards the 3 point line, knowing his lead would be insurmountable, even for fast man Von Hoff. The score was tied. VON HOFF: 1 HAAS: 1


Last game of the night: Tiebreaker: Scalextric. Anyone that knows Steele knows he loves his cars and engines (and toys.) so going in there was a clear favourite for the win.

img_3189-10 img_3195-11

With trigger hand poised, the race was on. Haas utilised his trigger finger wisely in the first long drag, but Von Hoff was hot on his heels, unrepentant and unwilling to lose at his favourite topic game. He overtook, and Haas struggled to stay on his wheel, he pulled the trigger too hard through the back bend and it was game over. Victory to Von Hoff.

img_3202-12Final score of the night: VON HOFF: 2 HAAS: 1

To boot, the Scalextric go go grand prix gave Steele an extra on screen surprise for his astounding victory. Asked about how he’s feeling Haas commented “Ah the post test inquiry is still pending as to the condition of the Scalextric tyres legality.” Maybe we’ll just have to wait for next year’s rematch.

img_3205-13The competitors headed to the door, but not without a quick stop at the prize desk, as their fierce competition has accrued a massive amount of “tickets.” The real winner of the night: us. And four days later, the whoopie cushion has yet to get old. img_3301-21