Sam Bewley’s Rider of the Month!

After winning last month’s award for badass rider of the month, we asked Sam Bewley to pay it forward and keep the chain going. (Of course, who can say no when presented with beer!) The parametres: as always, for non results related awesomeness.

My rider of the month for June is Dion Smith. His team folded (went back to Continental) at the end of last year and he took a gamble to find another team. He finally found a team, and now he’s off to the tour. Best of luck at the tour mate.

TDF prologue 2017. c. Sandra Coppieters

Hat’s off to the gamble that paid off mate! And when you get home at the end of July, your beer will be waiting for you!


2 thoughts on “Sam Bewley’s Rider of the Month!

  1. Will Dion Smith’s pick be George Bennett and then George Bennett’s pick will be Jack Bauer???

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