Rohan Dennis’ Rider of the Month

For our second of a monthly “series/competition” we ask some of our favourite riders to award another rider as their rider of the month.  Like the monthly bad-ass award, it doesn’t have to be for winning a race. Just being awesome, and winning at life.  This month we gave the reins to Rohan Dennis to decide the victor.

“My rider of the month is Rick Zabel. Rick wins for being the most un-German German I’ve ever met.”


“He even sings song to us on the bike in English. Maybe it’s the years in Mallorca.  He’s definitely not German though.”


L9620034 L9620032

Short and sweet from Rohan. Special Thanks to the Tour de Yorkshire for providing the beers, and thanks to Rick for being cool about us crashing his massage to deliver the beer.

Follow Rohan here and Rick here and get onto the Black Sheep Brewery beers!


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