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A few days ago we received this lovely email from a reader after he ordered a “Bacon is my Kung Fu” Alex Howes T-shirt.

“Would there be any way of getting one of Cannondale Drapac guys to draw an auto portrait of themselves on a bike, and dedicate it to their biggest fan. 🙂  

I will make a magical bacon/chocolate chip cookie (in honor of Howes and Gaimon), and eat it myself, if you manage to fulfil my dream. 

Kidding aside (although hoping it would happen), keep up the good work, and happy to make this small contribution to pay for the Peloton Brief to have the next coffee at La Fabrica. 

Sunny greetings from 3h away in France.” -Sakari

So, crazy thing, there were like NO Cannondale riders in town at the time, but we responded back and asked him if he would be open to other riders?  Some rad girls?  Team Dimension Data?

“Dimension Data has really impressed me in all possible ways. I don’t really care about the sporting results, but there must be something special with the team to have Cavendish smile again. I didn’t like him much before, now I do. Bravo Doug and Brian! 

I had an HTC jersey, signed by Cavendish, that I gave to one cycling buddy that had cancer, despite a healthy lifestyle. He also has more money that he could spend, so when thinking of suitable get well gifts, I decided to frame that jersey and give it to him. A bit like in a sprint finish in cycling, in life there are moments when you have to dig really deep, just to contest the victory.

He loved the gift. More than I expected. 

Once again, cycling contributing in ways that are in no way linked to sporting results. 

Dimension data to me represents that well, together with Team Jelly Belly. (Particularly because of the Mortons) “

That was part of the response  we got, so good to go!

So we put Tayer Wiles, Loren Rowney, Carlee Taylor and Nathan Haas to the challenge.  And on the basis of the original request, we may or may not have had someone impersonating Mike Woods.

l1010581  l1010590

So, with a varying degree of artistic talent, the portraits are headed to the post office now, we hope you really enjoy them Sakari! Thanks for reaching out. And we REALLY want to know how the Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies turn out!

Hey to all our readers: Any requests like Sakari’s? Let us know! Within reason, we are all about putting a smile on people’s faces.


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