Real Talent with Phil Gaimon

Tom Danielson uncut.

Halfway through season 4! Wow where does time go?  This week we’re on a little pause, and we are releasing the unedited version of last week’s podcast featuring Tom Danielson, for those who want more backstory and details.



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Our podcaster Phil Gaimon’s new book, “Draft Animals: Living the Pro Cycling Dream, Once in Awhile” is in stores now, and opened this week with a great review from Sports Illustrated!

Launch week is critical for good book sales, so pick it up now, get a copy for your friends, or grab a signed one from Phil’s Cookie Shop

Book description from Phil: “This is it. Everything I’ve done in the sport and in life so far builds up to ‘Draft Animals.’ Writing this was the hardest I’ve ever worked, and I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever made. If you’ve enjoy anything I’ve done or written, I think you’ll like this more.”


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