Real Retirement with Phil Gaimon

Featuring Colby Pearce

On our last episode of the season Phil chats with Colby Pearce on hour records, a bit of smack about Boulder and expensive coffees and all things coaching.

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Thanks to everyone for listening! This season was made possible by Le Domestique Tours, our amazing partner. Hit them up for all your cycling adventures and tour needs! Season 4 is coming in September!



One thought on “Real Retirement with Phil Gaimon

  1. In the the mid 1990’s I was a: 16 year old, sub 100 pound, cat 3, pure climber, racing flat crit to flat crit across the mid-west, riding from race to race packed in the back of my teammates astro van, dreaming of one day racing in Europe… The names and teams you guys were talking about brought back a lot of awesome old racing memories… Great stories, great podcast, thanks Phil, thanks Colby!

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