Take your best guesses at which pro tweeted what… no cheating!

Answers at bottom of page.


1.”Just been for a run. Well, I say run. More of a red-faced, wheezy, anaerobic attempt at it. Like a stun-gunned pig. The same every October”

2. “No bike,no sunglass,no cologne,no beer,no wine,no car,no watch,no jet,no house,no clothing…..”

3.”Who claps in the cinema? Another level to when a plane lands! ?”

4.”New apple phone and laptop, do I just get a cloud and then it’s simple? I miss letters and photo albums”

5.”Day 1 of my Holiday – playing Playstation with my brother. The little boy in me screams: Yeah!!”

6. “Turn oven on, power goes off. I’m back in Europe!”

7. “I swear Heinz Baked Beans use to have more tomato sauce in the can”

8. “When in you gotta have a touch of … especially when you’ll be racing along the Champs Élysées.”


A. Rohan Dennis

B. Geraint Thomas

C. Mark Cavendish

D. Lizzie Armitstead

E. Taylor Phinney

F. Tiffany Cromwell

G. Marcel Kittel

H. Fabian Cancellara


















Answers: 1.C 2.H 3.B 4.D 5.G 6.E 7.A 8.F