Polaroids: On the road in America and Canada

someone stole our Polaroid Camera….

“Is business your primary purpose for entering the U.S sir?” I always get caught up on this question. Well, Ma’am, heres the thing, I’m here to race bikes. That never goes down well, insert typical Lance question here, Um, no I do not dope… stupid customs. Anyhow, with border control’s loaded guns  and loaded questions aside I love North America. Although my team’s flown me here for team camps, I Haven’t raced here since 2012, so racing Quebec and Montreal was a real treat.

Yea my photos might be a bit crappy, but hey, you can pay for art school! Here’s what I took over the past few weeks, enjoy!

1.On the bus transfer between GP Quebec and GP Montreal.  Last year the guys got a high speed train. This year it was 4 teams to a bus. Prize to first person who works out which 4 team they are. (I’ll send you a signed cap)IMG_75902. I went from Canada to hang out with Hesjedal and his lovely lady in Missouri. I learned there is midwestern wine country, and everything really is BIGGER in America. After a day on the Katy Trail and hanging with the town Mayor I kind of love this place.IMG_7592 3. Back to Canada, celebrating Ted King’s retirement, in BED, like we do. Bike Riders.  That’s Ramunas and Acevedo as well.IMG_7589  4. Last stop Boulder.  It’s like a second home there, Alex Howes knows how to put on one badass Barbecue.IMG_7588


Don’t worry, I haven’t returned the camera yet…. more to come!

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