Phil Gaimon Special!

Mid season podcast with Michael Muhney

Phil is back, and before we launch season 3, we wanted to bring you this special special epidsode, featuring Michael Muhney, star of the Young and the Restless. Also, he was previously on Veronica Mars, a cult classic that we are big fans of over here.

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Season 3 launching March/ April so watch out for it!!!

9 thoughts on “Phil Gaimon Special!

  1. This was a most entertaining hour ! You were both excellent in this ‘flowing ‘ interview! As for hearing from you Michael after such a long time , felt great to hear your voice and views! Finally we have our answers. Never doubted you , ever! Thrilled beyond words that your return is in the works. Boy , I needed these news… ! The world seems not as dark today. ?? Namaste ??❤???

    1. I agree with you. We finally have the real story. I always thought that rumor sounded so off and inconsistent with Michael’s personality.

  2. He owned it! So much love, right now. ‘Miss him as “Adam” terribly. From his gentle forehead touches with “Chelsea” to his undeniable love & devotion for “peanut” No doubt MM will continue to do AmaZing things, yet Adam Victor Newman, will always be my fav, characterzation. Time to come home! #makeithappen Thank you, Phil. “Ya done good!”

  3. I LOVE Michael Muhney, and as a follower of his work and a HUGE fan of his AMAZING portrayal as Adam on Young and the Restless, I was so happy to hear this interview and relieved he finally spoke out. I love and appreciate his candor! I am sooooo hoping that this might mean he IS coming back because we NEED him back, there is no other like him and there is a big hole where he used to be. Please come back, please!!! He deserves this role, he deserves a second chance!!!! He is and always will be Adam Newman, and whomever said he’s the next “Victor Newman” was 1000% right, he’s the future of this show and such a powerhouse, Y&R would be fools not to take him back!! #YR #malyoung

    1. I agree, it was a relief to hear him speak and get the truth out. Y&R would/will be so much better off with him “back in the saddle” as Adam Newman!!!

  4. Finally got around to listening to this interview. This was excellent. Really liked hearing his whole life story. I love Michael and hope to see him back on Y&R. I am glad he loves watching cycling as much as me.

  5. Thank you Phil for this podcast! I loved your interview with Michael Muhney; you asked all the right questions. I do believe in 2nd chances. Y&R NEEDS to bring Michael back as Adam. He is an amazing actor!! With Michael Muhney in the cast, Y&R will run for at least another 30 years!!

  6. I just got around to listening to this interview. Love Michael Muhney in whatever he’s acted in.
    Is there a possibility that you may return to Y&R as Adam ?
    At least Sharon Case stuck by you. True friend.

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