Phil Gaimon Podcast!

Season 3 Announcement

We are so happy to say we are back so so soon with Season 3 of Phil Gaimon’s podcast. And we are EVEN HAPPIER to be able to announce that Le Domestique Tours are back on board as our headline sponsor for the season.

You can see everything LDT does here: but as part of our partnership, look out for some super special tours and opportunities with them, including some Girona based adventures and even one out to Phil’s Fondo in Los Angeles.

Anyway, on season 3: Phil’s been hard at work: “It took awhile to get my life together and find time to bank some interviews, but we have a great lineup for Season 3. It will be retirement-themed, with fun and interesting talks from coaches, former teammates, and a sports psychologist, as I make peace with my career, fate, and future.”

We’re launching season 3 in just over a week, (maybe 10 days) so keep your eyes peeled for more awesome audio adventures with the King of Strava. You can sign up through itunes for automatic downloads, or check back here each week!