Nathan Haas’ Rider of the Month

Who wins the September award?

Nathan kept asking when he could choose the “Rider of the Month…” Of course we were saving the best month for him, keep on reading to see who he chose for the month’s badass award.




“I’ve been looking forward to getting the honour of choosing the rider of the month, and I’m even happier that it’s been this month as it coincides with the end of Ryder Hesjedals last race in pro cycling

It was an anonymous month of racing for Ryder results wise, but for me, Ryder has been one of cycling’s greatest characters. From his insane glasses in the tour, to his chilling on the back till he wants to move the race tactic, he’s always done things his own way and has been a huge part of many people’s best memories in the sport.

He won the Giro, incredible, but that aside, he’s been a monumental team-mate for some historic victories and has always loved riding his bike, with all the stresses that can make some struggle to enjoy it all.

Wish Ryder the best for the next chapter, and hope these beers can help him find a happy little memory of the awesome career he’s just had!

Ride on mate!”


Ryder- we’ve got that six pack of beer for you, or 6 beers at the Irish Pub on order, you choose.  (and what a great choice Nathan!)


One thought on “Nathan Haas’ Rider of the Month

  1. Great choice, agree completely.
    Enjoyed watching Ryder at all Canadian events, especially Montreal and his international races.
    Well done.

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