“Model Cyclists”

The best and worst of cyclist’s foray into fashion

In light of Chris Froome’s recent cover shoot for UNLTD Magazine, and the splash it made across the internet, we thought it might be best to compile some of the all time highs and lows of pro cyclists.

c. UNLTD magazine
c. UNLTD magazine

The styling and photography on this cover shoot has left a lot of questions unanswered. Can you blame Chris? Let’s just hope it was worth his time. Today starts the first day of London Fashion week, so we’ve had a dig out of some of the victories, failures and all in between of the collision of cycling and modelling.



We can’t really fault Matti here: he was an actual paid model for a few years. He left home at 17 to head to New York City to pursue a career in being “professionally good looking” but found a second calling as a cyclist.  You can read all about that here on the Cyclingnews archive. Sadly the shelf life for models is shorter than cyclists so we are doubting a return to the catwalk for him, but in the meantime he can definitely wear the badge of one of the more camera friendly riders in the peloton.


image c. Cavello NL

Oh Thomas we do so adore you… and we have no doubt that your hair will always be some of the best the pro peloton has ever seen.  Daniel Oss and Dan Craven do set a good challenge, but we know they aren’t keeping up with their 200 brush strokes a day. Thomas embodies the “if you’ve got it flaunt it” mentality, starring in a number of ads, including this gem of a video for Cavello undergarments. We highly recommend watching from 1’13-1’35 of the video for some priceless facial expressions, and a strong lesson on what massages in cycling are not like.


c. Diana Gomez & Pantene Pro-V
c. Diana Gomez & Pantene Pro-V

Victoria, Victoria, Victoria.  It’s not surprising with her face, hair and kick ass sports physique the fashion media was all over Britain’s darling. We’ll chalk it up to poor styling across many of her ads. Why the Amy Winehouse-esque bouffant? Green Missoni with pink high waisted shorts?  And now our second image in this collection with a bike wheel as a halo. Kate Moss couldn’t have pulled this styling off, so we give Victoria credit for the effort, but think victory on the track will always be her clearest win.


c. Chptr III/ Castelli

Clearly this list couldn’t exist without David Millar. He’s been cycling’s style dandy for many a year, gracing us with the many different ways you can wear a hat.  (Beret and Trilby included.) When his clothing line launched last year, we’d have to say we weren’t surprised  to see that he had used himself as a model to sell his clothing. We’ve seen and tried a lot of the kit, and the product itself is pretty awesome. A+ there. But, learn from Lagerfeld: you wouldn’t see him walking the Chanel catwalk.



Look we’re gonna be honest here. We’ve got no F-ing clue what this clothing line was about, or for, or who bought it.  Some herald Peter Sagan’s antics, some detest them.  All we know is we wouldn’t be caught dead in a polo shirt that looks like a Wal-Mart uniform, emblazoned with Sagan’s flower-face, and a reminder that he was born in the 90s and has enough disposable income to fund this vanity project. Keep winning on the bike Peter, we do love that. World Champion there, maybe leave the fashion and modelling to others….


c. Fred Perry 2013
c. Fred Perry 2013

Let’s end it on a high.  Brad Wiggins did get it right. It’s his effortless cool, aligned with a brand and styling natural to him.  Other cyclists take note: Follow Brad. Stick to your wheelhouse (no pun intended.)


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