Metier Cycling

Launch Event

Last week we were lucky to attend the launch of brand new company: Metier Cycling. These guys are raising the bar for innovation in cycling, launching with some sick wearable tech.

The two garments have built in LEDs, front and rear, matched to the high spec, aero, water resistant and pretty damn cool jacket and gilet.  Also, they’ve done two cuts on each garment for men and women, so of course we are pretty stoked on that.

The launch party was at The Institute of Light, an independent cinema and cafe in the heart of East London. Familiar faces from across the industry dotted the crowd. We had a chance to take a closer look at the jacket and gilet first, and then watched the premiere of a short film done for the brand. The film showed dynamic transitions between morning and evening, light and dark, and painted a visual of all our experiences riding.

The IOL served up some great food throughout the night and the bar staff kept us all with full drinks in our hands. Perfectly branded musettes and caps, done in collaboration with Milltag were handed out towards the end the evening as gifts. So many  faces from the cycling world were there, including far too many we don’t see often enough anymore (Alex from LMNH, Ashley House, Wiesia,  Conquista Trevor, we are talking about you guys.)

We love the idea behind this company: clearly safety whilst cycling is an issue in cities and in the mountains and rural areas.  Anyone using roads is vulnerable to motor traffic anywhere. But it’s hard to not look naff as in high vis, and even though we love a bit of throw back fluoro, it’s got a certain time and place. Paul Molyneux, the company founder has done a fantastic job fusing aesthetics, performance and visibility into a seamless item.

Check it all out:

All images copyright Ben Broomfield.