Matt Brammeier’s Rider of the Month

In the first of a monthly “series/competition” we ask some of our favourite riders to award another rider as their rider of the month.  Like the monthly bad-ass award, it doesn’t have to be for winning a race. Just being awesome, and winning at life.  First up for us is Matt Brammeier as the judge and jury…

“My rider of the month is Marcel Kittel. He’s continuing to be an honest, diplomatic & positive ambassador for our sport, he’s one of the only top tier riders not afraid to speak out & voice his opinions in a positive way. Most recently voicing his concerns about safety in cycling & demanding action from the UCI after the recent spate of accidents. His views once again echo those of the majority of the peloton & once again he has the balls to stand up and speak out, for that & his impeccable hair  I applaud him and deem him my ‘rider of the month.”

The rider wins a case of beer (and Matt’s coffee: Aka Rwandan Roast.) which we will deliver to them.  In this case, it’s getting left outside Marcel’s door. 


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