Lucy Martin: Enjoy It!

Q&A: now, then, the future….

1. What was it like going into your final race? 

Well that’s a funny one really because I never really did my final race. I rode Ride London which was such a great race, my home country and the same start/finish line as the Olympic RR so great memories for me. So I class this as my final race even though at the time I didn’t know that. The reason being I still had some races left in my programme to complete, so after that race I went straight to Belgium to race five days there and then the plan was a few weeks later, Plouay World Cup to be my final race. I was preparing for that only until the day before we had some sickness and injuries an just unlucky circumstances within the team that ment the team was unable to go to Plouay World Cup and race. I was packed ready to go into my final race as a cyclist but then didn’t actually do it. Luckily I had  had a good ride and great memories from Ride London so I just count that as my final real end to my career.

2. What have you enjoyed the most about retirement?  Would it be fair to call it the eternal off season?

I have enjoyed the freedom, being able to do what I want without the worry of if what I’m doing will benefit my cycling and preparation. As an athlete I found there was always a sort of unease: I couldn’t ever really enjoy the moment because I was always looking to the next race. Now it’s totally different. 

3. As the off season sort of wraps up, is it weird to see people around you start training again?

It is a little bit yes, at first when I stopped racing so had everyone else.  But now when I am back surrounded by cyclists I feel almost guilty like I’m skipping training. But at the same time there’s been days when I’m so glad I don’t have to go out and train as my job.

4. Are you still riding?  How much?  Does it feel different?

Yes I am still riding I do love it and I will continue to keep riding. When I’m in Spain and it’s nice weather a few times a week and similarly in NZ also on the MTB but once it’s bad weather like all of November in the UK I didn’t get out on the bike as much. I still crave exercise though having done it day in day out for 10 years so I have taken up running which I’m really enjoying. 

5. Are we going to see you at races next year?  

Yes maybe a few races next year as I will be working with Orica GreenEdge as part of their digital content and PR team. 

6. Any advice to girls just starting out on the pro pathway?

Just enjoy it that’s the main thing. If you doing what you want and happy you’ll be successful. And remember it’s your career so take the path that you want not what someone else might want. 

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