Loren Rowney: A new year

On changing teams….

A new year, a new beginning…

“Metamorphosis through change”. These were the words I looked down at and saw every time I swung my leg over the top tube of my Cervelo S5. Every day, a reminder of my team’s mantra before I headed out for a training session, or lined up for a race. The mantra which to me means, we are constantly growing, changing, and metamorphosing into something bigger, better…exquisite like an adult butterfly. In order to improve upon ourselves I believe we need to constantly challenge ourselves, change can be the driving force, and is therefore necessary. We can begin to grow stale, and become complacent when we stay within our comfort zones. Perhaps that’s why there is so much reshuffling of riders between teams this year in particular. Next year is the Olympic year, a big year, I would say more so for women’s cycling than men’s cycling. To be an Olympian is an accomplishment in itself, and to win or medal is a childhood dream come true, as well as a massive commodity in the investment game of professional sport.

I do believe that some times things happen for a reason, and force us into situations we normally wouldn’t have considered. The folding of my team Velocio-SRAM has definitely been one of those things. I’m not going to get in to the nitty gritty details of why the team folded, and I don’t believe that blame is on any single individual. The old cliche saying of “when one door shuts, another opens”, could never be truer for me. Perhaps the folding of Velocio-SRAM is just an end to one of the many cycles in the life cycle of the butterfly, the life cycle of my professional career as a cyclist. The beginning of the new team that has formed, may be the start of something even bigger and better than the previous teams before it. I truly hope it is. As for me, I won’t be a part of this new journey, I’m moving in a totally new direction. A move that will hopefully push me out of my comfort zone and allow me to continue to grow and change as an athlete, and an individual. 

Cheers all,


Words: Loren Rowney