Lachlan Morton’s Rider of the Month

Now that racing season has started again we are back with our rider of the month competition! First off the blocks: We asked Lachlan Morton to select someone for the month of January. You all know the rules by now. It’s basically an awesomeness award, for anything but results based coolness:

“For the honours this month I’ve selected Jay McCarthy.  Why? Because he’s the only person to try to follow Richie up Willunga, and even though he blew, it was epic.  Also, he will probably share his beer with me.”

Ok so we asked Lachlan on like, the 27th of January, a day before Cadel’s race, which Jay won.  So most likely this isn’t his like, numero uno win for the month but we still like to think it’s pretty rad.  Hope the six pack donated by A Bloc Bicycle Beer went down a treat Jay!

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