Lachlan Morton: Thereabouts 3!

On the third film of the series




Lachlan Morton is doing what he’s best at (after cycling) again: filmmaking.  This time the adventure has taken him and his brother to Columbia, where they have been on a cycling adventure uncommon to most pro riders. No power metres, no intervals: just expoloring, experiencing and interacting. (And of course beautiful filmmaking.)  They’ve launched a kickstarter to raise some money for the project and it’s halfway funded with 16 days to go!

We’re really looking forward to the film, we loved the first two, and cannot wait to see what the guys have in store for us from their South American adventures. We caught up with Lachlan quickly for a quick q and a about the project and what’s coming next year for him:

TPB: The first two films were in countries you knew better- what was it like venturing so far to film? Unexpected issues?

LM: Yeah it was a totally new experience. We didn’t organize anything we went in blind. We had no idea what the country was like, what the route was and had never met the crew. That made it a totally new experience and definitely took us way out of our comfort zone . Lucky for us Colombia is the most friendly and warm country’s I’ve ever visited.

TBP: Heading back into the world tour next year, the demands on you as a sportsman will be higher (we think) how will you balance artistic endeavours with the role on the new team?

LM: I’m fully committed to racing the next two seasons. I don’t want to have any regrets. I’ll still be trying to make the most of the off seasons to try and express myself outside of racing. It’s funny though, I feel I don’t need the other outlets outside of racing as much as I used to. I can express myself through racing now.

TPB: Thereabouts 4: South Africa?

LM:Got something cooking for December . We’ll see if it gets off the ground. I’m hoping through the relationship with qubeka we can put together a trip in Africa next love to aline thereabouts with a cause like that. I think there would be some incredible riding and amazing stories to be told on that continent. It would probably take 5 trips !  

TPB: Thereabouts 5: Spain?

LM: You can make an epic trip anywhere. Spain has all the ingredients, except siesta’s , they don’t really work with a regular day on a thereabouts trip.

TPB: Whereabouts: where are you right now anyway man?

LM: I’m in boulder. It’s been a kind of hectic off season. I’m trying to enjoy a quiet few weeks before jumping back into the chaos of traveling the world as a bike racer. I’m looking forward to getting back to Australia in December. I love going home to port Macquarie.

TPB: Lastly, who was the most amazing character or person you met whilst filming in Columbia?

LM: That’s tough. We met a lot of incredible people. Maybe the onion farmers in Boyaca. They let us jump in the fields with them and gave us a snippet into there way of life. Amazing happy and content people living a simple life. That’s something we all strive for but generally ambition and want get in the way of being content. I learnt something there.

You can support the project here: and of course we will be updating everyone with the film release plans!

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  1. Awesome, I’m looking forward to it. Note that the correct spelling is Colombia. The article flips back and forth with the incorrect “Columbia”.

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