Koen de Kort: My Tattoos

Koen takes us through his ever growing tattoo collection…

“I started working on this tattoo about 3 years ago now. (It was my first tattoo) The idea behind the gladiator started after crashing.  I thought yea this is pretty fitting after crashing and taking off all my skin on the whole right side of my body. As the skin grew back it was a different colour, it didn’t look natural anymore anyway. And I had always wanted a tattoo so I thought, this is a good time to start it. Just to say, I was all natural, I wasn’t anymore really, so I might as well do it. I figured it was a nice idea to have a gladiator as its kind of similar to what we do (as professional cyclists.) I mean, I can’t say I feel like i AM a gladiator, but yea, definitely some parallels.



And slowly it grew into a scene.  At first I wanted one, but it grew,  You can see the Tiger on the back here, and everything around, and the next year it kept growing.  This year we added the lion, the dutch Lion. My lion is Dutch. (not the Lion of Flanders!)

KDK_4995 KDK_4975

I didn’t start it just to cover scars, I don’t feel like I cant show my scars, I don’t care about my scars.  I think now it is covering all my scars though except for the ones on my legs.”


We’re pretty sure Koen’s tattoos are far from being complete, to follow his inking (and otherwise) journey, get him on Twitter @koendekort