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Last Autumn I published a letter from the editor here on the site, asking what more could we do to help Women’s Cycling.  We felt like here at The Peloton Brief, as much as we could write about it, and focus of stories from female athletes, there had to be MORE we could do.  Granted, we didn’t know what, who, how, all we knew was Why.

It seemed like a fortuitous event just a few weeks later to be editing Phil’s podcast where he interviewed the fantastic Kathryn Bertine, and we were lucky enough to hear pre launch about the Homestretch Foundation. Immediately, it was like, yea, we have got to help with this project. This is a way to join a larger thing, to give what we can.

The Homestretch Foundation is the brainchild of Kathryn. Based in Tucson, the residence provides free housing for 6-10 female elite/professional endurance athletes between January and June. The athletes are selected via application.

From June through November, they provide donation-based accommodations for camps, clinics, retreats, groups and other business, private or public ventures looking to base their event in Tucson. 

Throughout the year, their board of directors, staff and athletes work together to eradicate salary inequity–not just in sports, but in every occupation. By joining our foundation, all guests, donors and athletes of The Homestretch Foundation help one another move forward. 

They have their first set of riders there right now, staying for a few months, and all is looking amazing.  From our side, we asked how we could help.  Without massive budgets, what can we do? Talking with Kathryn we made a plan: We will be offering some media training for any athlete that wants whilst they are at the foundation. We will help them with any questions they have, conduct some interviews, and help with their profiles. And we will partner with the foundation as a sort of unofficial media partner- whenever they have a story, announcement, images or something they want to shout about, be sure to watch for it here.

Resident-athlete Daphne Karagianis, center, wins Oracle Road Race in Tucson, AZ, beating Cylance Pro Cycling’s Erica Zaveta.

As time goes on we hope to be able to help more from the European side of things, and offer the foundation assistance on the ground as they might need in Europe. Mainly, we are so excited to be helping Kathryn with the project in even the smallest way(but largest we can.)

If you want to learn more about the foundation/ get involved/ donate money check it all out here!

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