Hannah Barnes: Onto Dinner

Our latest blog from Hannah, on breakfast, BBQs and Avocados.

Every morning there is a big discussion over the breakfast table about what we fancy for dinner. The life of an athlete; eating one meal whilst thinking about the next! We have twelve days at home and decided to make a conscious effort to be more creative when it comes to dinner time. It’s something that we aren’t always very good at after a hard day of training.

When I am home alone I go for very easy, simple dinners. I personally don’t think avocado and eggs on toast can be beaten but what do I know?! Tao loves to cook and he loves coming home from a race to his own kitchen with the freedom to cook what ever he likes so I am normally always treated to something special.

I don’t miss cooking when I am away but I do miss the daily jaunt to the shops. Living in Girona you are spoilt by the abundance of shops and all the fresh produce. Our fruit bowl is a work of art with the variety of colours that fill it.

Anyway, back to the dilemma over dinner. This morning my pre ride activity was skimming through some recipe books looking for some recipes that would suit the hot Spanish weather and surprisingly enough a lot of them were BBQ based. We have just moved to a new apartment which luckily for us has a super nice roof terrace and a BBQ has been top of the ‘things we want’ list. So this afternoon’s activity is doing just that, if Tao ever gets back from his ride that is!


We finally got out the apartment to go and buy a BBQ after a few hours cooling down post ride. We were laughing as we walked along the aisle at all the grills being named after cities in America. We went for the ‘Denver’, the smallest and cheapest one they sold, but hey it does the job. We covered the small metal grill with as much chicken, corn and pita as possible and watched impatiently as it cooked.

We made full use of the Girona evening sun and will for sure do the same again before we both head off in separate directions to our next race.


Words: Hannah Barnes @bannahharnes

Images: Laura Fletcher @cassette_media