Gracie Elvin’s Rider of the Month!

Gracie takes on June’s awesome rider award.

This month we’ve asked the wonderful Gracie Elvin  to choose the “Rider of the Month.” The parameters: anyone she wants, anyone who is particularly bad ass, anyone who is awesome.

“For the rider of the month I choose  Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio.

Aside from the fact that she is racing at her best level yet and brought down the pain to all of us at The Women’s Tour, forcing the lead groups on every main climb and annihilating the peloton in the preceding tour in Germany, she is not just a strong set of legs. 

Ashleigh is one of the best role models in women’s cycling because she empowers others. Her beautifully written piece in Cyclingnews illustrates her insight into our growing but complicated sport. She always shows passion, encouragement and appreciation and that’s why she is my rider of the month.”


Ashleigh, we gave you beer to Carlee Taylor last week to give to you.  We know about the issues with cookie sharing between Tayler, Loren and Carlee, so make sure you get your beer from her ok?  We will totally stay on top of Carlee about that!

And big thanks to Gracie!