Giro Rest Day Ride

with Team Dimension Data

As the trucks were coming in overnight from Sardinia, it was a lazy start to the rest day ride, as the boys rolled our around 11:30. In Sicily it’s easy to go from coast to mountain quickly and before we knew it we were climbing up a spectacular road.

Firstly, some local livestock befriended us (MORE ON THAT LATER.)

Secondly, Omar swapped out a water bottle for a portable speaker and there were some banging tunes on the ride. Thinking we should petition this to be legal in race. Good morale for sure. Who needs race radios?

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Thirdly, we learned Igor is an animal whisperer (see our first bullet point) and more on that later this week or next, because it’s too lovely to lump into this.

Now lunch, naps and massages. Such glamour.

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