Gallery: Tour of Poland

Places and faces, not the races on stage 1.

Once every 4 years the Tour of Poland falls during the Tour de France (due to the Olympics) and we all forget about it.  But it continues to be an awesome World Tour race, so we’ve ventured over for it. It’s a brutal as the remaining soviet architecture, and the week is lining up to be a tough one. But enough about racing…    IMG_8382-1IMG_8405-2IMG_8545-3IMG_8580-11 IMG_8576-10 IMG_8649-14IMG_8571-9 IMG_8498-7 IMG_8635-5 IMG_8599-4IMG_8640-13IMG_8549-8IMG_8607-12

We’re here all week (blowing off the Tour de France for this pretty rad alternative) so stay tuned for more special content.

All images c. Laura Fletcher@cassette_media