Gallery: GIRO

Two days in Sicily

Ok. So the last time we were in Sicily was 2011, for the last time the Giro went up Etna. I’m not sure whether we blocked it out or not, but let’s just say spending 4 nights on the Island: CHAOS. We all love the Giro for it’s beautiful chaos but this was something else to be sure. At least we had good sun, good food and a decent radio station in the car. (Let’s not discuss the actual driving)

So the riders met their first mountain challenge, traversing an active volcano (which we are pretty sure still rumbles on a regular basis) so no lava or fireworks there really. It was all a bit tame for the first GC challenge of the race. But spectacular views, thin air and taking home some lava rock was all worth it.

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We’ve got some more content coming in from our people on the ground there as the race moves north. Keep an eye out for more places and faces over the next few weeks.