Foot Soldier

Matt Brammeier at Tour of Poland for Rouleur Journal

We’ve been working away all week at the Tour of Poland on this piece for Rouleur Magazine‘s online journal. A story of a bike race, and a career. Read the full story over on Rouleur’s website here.

“The 2016 Tour of Poland started in the small city of Radzymin. It’s a place not on international maps, overshadowed by nearby Warsaw. Radzymin’s value is in its history. Along with being a forgotten town, it’s a famous battleground for a largely forgotten war. The town was at the heart of the Polish army’s resistance against the Russians in the 1920s, its bicycle-mounted soldiers charging forward to defend the city. The Tour of Poland was born out of the history of these cycling soldiers, eight years later in 1928.

Eighty-eight years on, many of these riders are still, in a way, bicycle soldiers. Their battleground isn’t bloody, the stakes are not for life and country, but they fight every day. And many are rank and file. We know the majors, the generals and the loyal lieutenants, but behind every decorated officer are the ones that truly fight for little glory.

And like any great war, a cycling career is a series of battles, ups and downs, near misses, and fleeting moments of glory….”