Espresso Mafia

The new adventures of Christian and Amber Meier

The life of a professional cyclist is a busy one. On the road for 100+ days a year, only a month off from training, and scant hours even on recovery days can make the life that seems so glamorous on the outside  quite mundane from the inside.

So when Christian Meier and his wife Amber opened their first cafe in Girona last year, we were all super happy to see them balance the cafe life, the cycling life, and all in between.  The passion for coffee, the love of community, all these threads that went from bike to off bike, it all made sense. 

NOW we are convinced these two are actually superheroes.  Because as soon as they mastered the first shop, they opened another. Espresso mafia, tucked around the corner from La Fabrica is a to-go espresso bar, with the coffee roaster situated next door.

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“I wasn’t happy with the coffee we were receiving.” said Christian. “I wanted to be able to control the whole process, to ensure what ended in our customers hands was exactly what I wanted.”  So now they are roasting their own beans from scratch.

Amber told us ” Christian sources the coffee beans (green) from different parts of the world depending on the time of year, what’s new, different and stands out to him. He then has to figure out how he wants to roast each different type of bean, with his only objective being able to highlight the beautiful taste characteristics and unique flavours each type possesses. It’s a long process that is a very personal one because at the end of the day he is creating a cup of coffee that he wants to be perfect. A true labor of love, bring you one damn fine up of coffee.”

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The shop decor is pristine, one could look in and imagine it in Copenhagen, or even Tokyo with a pared down aesthetic, minimal lines, and a whitewash over most things.  The accents are in wood and tan: the colours matching the delicate leaf of foam on my flat white.

Rumour has it as well they are adding another member to their family: (no not like that!) With the most beloved wiener dog in Girona (named Oskar Meier) living above their first cafe, Amber’s decided its time to make their trio a quarter: another dachshund to join la familia Meier: and what could be a better name than “Mocha.” We can’t wait to meet her. (Over coffee of course.)


You can check out La Espresso Mafia at C/ Cor Reial 5, Girona 

and keep up with them on facebook