Elsie, by Annette Edmonson.

Nettie’s bespoke perfume!

HOLD THE PHONE. Nettie has her own perfume.  That is like, kicking athlete goal 10,568. She’s joined the ranks of Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, and of course David Beckham, in having a signature scent.

We got to try this stuff the other night, and it’s super lovely just like it’s creator:

“I’ve named my fragrance Elsie, which is my middle name. I used to hate it when I was younger, but I transitioned into liking it as I grew to like the person I became. It’s an old family name that was passed down to me – it was my great grandmother’s name. I guess it represents another side of me, the side that most people don’t know, which is essentially what Elsie is based on.

Everyone knows ‘Nettie the cyclist’, but not many know me off the bike. It’s always so serious when it comes to training and competition, which is why I like to lead a light and relaxed lifestyle off the bike. The combination of mimosa blossom, mandarin, cucumber, pear and musk create a fresh, citrusy blend, perfect for light-hearted downtime, spent away from the bike.”

We really wish the internet could smell, so everyone could get a whiff of the lovely scent. But it’s a fantastic gift for the belated holiday season, for the fans, the riders, or the scent connoiseurs.

Available here to buy!