Dom makes bagels!

In the kitchen with Dominique Rollin

Sundays are pretty quiet in Girona…. not much is open and it’s usually the day for BIG training rides. So we seized this opportunity to make bagels with Dom Rollin.

Dom retired from professional cycling a year and a half ago and has been busy in chef school ever since. A recent return to Girona post graduation has meant we’re all blessed with his culinary abilities again. And we miss bagels SO FREAKING MUCH. Look, Spain is awesome and has tons of good food here, but there are a few of those comfort anglo foods that are next to impossible to find.

Armed with his recipe, we were taking on “Montreal Style” bagels.  A bit more like the ones in London than in New York: smaller, denser, chewier, damn near perfection really.  So he walked us through it: dough, kneading, resting, rinse, repeat: Boil, bake, EAT.

And a little insiders tip: Dom makes bread to order! He brought us a loaf of his Sourdough the other day and HOLY SHIT. Loaf gone in an hour. You can pop  him an email: and he makes and delivers bread to order. its around 5 euros a loaf, and worth every penny. We’re pretty sure he takes requests too.

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  1. Great piece. As a current culinary student and cycling fan myself I would love to see more pieces on Dom. Thanks for this one.

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