Chris Williams’ Rider of the Month!

Who did Chris choose for the coveted prize?

This month we’ve asked the hilarious Chris Williams  to choose the “Rider of the Month.” The parameters: anyone he wants, anyone who is particularly bad ass, anyone who is awesome.

My rider of the month is Shane Archbold. The Flying Mullet showed his true character at the Tour de France by shepherding his injured team mate throughout the whole race while at the same time managing to take a top 10 result.

Then with only 4 stages to go, after battling his way over the climbs and getting so close to Paris, he crashed into a brick wall and was forced to withdraw, only after finishing the stage with a fractured pelvis. A true hard man. Also, his hair is awesome.

I was originally going to make my rider of the month Nacer Bouhanni for always maintaining a VERY positive attitude and denying any wrong doing despite being ridiculed in the media. But I had to relegate him to second place.”



Shane, we’ve got some beer for you.  We are away this week, but will deliver it in person in Girona next week, cool?