Chris Williams: Building Homes

checking in from team camp in the Dominican Republic!

This is our 2nd time doing a house build for a family in need with Hope Sports & Homes for Hope. 

This time we went to the San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic. The area is surrounded by resorts but as soon as you look outside, there are many communities that don’t even have the basic necessities. Homes are built from metal scraps and kids walk around without shoes in the dirt streets.  

We built 3 homes in 2 days for 3 families with the goal to bring the team closer together. As a bike rider, you sometimes question your purpose in life so it allowed us to give back and also made us appreciate the lives that we have and that our complaints and wants are insignificant in the bigger picture. 

Despite the fact that these communities don’t have some of the basic necessities, they often seemed happier than us. They have their families and can find joy in simple things. 


I have enjoyed both house builds that the team has done so far and I think it’s something that everyone should experience in their lives. 

Words and Images: Chris Williams