Carlee Taylor: Riding for a Reason

The Great Southern Crossing: of Australia

Carlee Taylor is riding for charity next month: what an awesome way to combine training with a good cause. It’s a pretty rad idea: “The Great Southern Crossing” to virtually ride across Australia. So the teams, wherever they are in the world can put in miles to add to the overall distance. Without further ado, here are Carlee’s words:

“I joined a team who’s goal is to cycle the distance across Australia (5,200km) in 28 days. Yes, cycling is my job, and training I do every day, but I know how lucky I am that I get to do this. My job is something that I loved doing as a kid, and I still remember spending afternoons riding around our round-about in front of home trying to bet my little brother. Just being a kid really. And Variety; the Children’s Charity of NSW is a charity that helps these kids that don’t get to just be a kid, due to sickness etc. So for me, it felt like a really great charity to support.

Christopher Mapp was the one that initially thought about completing the challenge, and asked if I was interested in joining the team, and it was a pretty easy answer. Really I think I have it the easiest out of the 4 of us. The guys in the team also have a job, where as I’ll mostly be racing my bike. Although, Mont Ventoux next week might hurt a little! If I’m honest though, it’s given extra meaning and incentive to my training, because I know every kilometre will help the team to achieve its goal. We all know if it’s not on strava it doesn’t count, so all my rides will be downloaded to Strava these next 28 days. And hopefully we reach our target of raising $5000.”

You can check out their page here and get involved! Anyone else want to start a “Peloton Brief” team for next year?