Beach Day?

At the Tour Down Under

Ok so here’s what happens when a stage in TDU is like, HOT. and we aren’t just talking standard Vuelta hot- we are talking you might be able to fry an egg on the sidewalk hot. And we might try tomorrow for real.

So the riders get over the line in Victor Harbour, stop to see their Soigneurs, throw their bikes up at the team van and contest the second sprint of the day to the water.


Look we weren’t actually paying attention to who got to the water FIRST, but there was definitely a front group of George Bennett, Nathan Haas and Alex Edmonson.

Seems like some guys came prepared, with Batman shorts like Alex. But mainly it was straight in with the bibs on. George even passed the feed zone to get a frozen drink on the way, like a proper day out on the coast.

And then the seaweed.  We blame heat delirium for this move.  It’s a bit fishy (har har) really.


The grupetto rolled in a few minutes later. Guessing over 30 minutes or so at least 1/3 of the riders had a dunk before the 80k transfer home.