Podcast bonus episode!

A special podcast just for you:

You asked, so we’ve delivered.  Phil wants to hear your question and answer them on a special mid season podcast. Old school radio show for the next generation.  Just tweet us your questions with #askphil  and we will make a list for him! We’ve got to give him a few days to contemplate the best answers of course, and c’mon: lets avoid questions about bowel movements (maybe.)

We’ve got a few backups lined up:

1.First meal of the off season?

2. Absolute worst day ever on the bike?

3. Weirdest in race coversation ever?

So get thinking on your hardest questions, fire them at us and stay tuned for the episode!

Oh yea, and make sure you tweet it at us @pelotonbrief and @philgaimon

Ps. Did we tell you our podcast is sponsored by Le Domestique Tours?  Check em out: