Agony Auntie and Uncle: Kiel and Jordan

Our latest instalment of the Reijnen’s answering your tough questions.

Dear Auntie and Uncle… HOW FAR UP should a man shave his legs? I’m new to this…

Kiel: If you have a girlfriend, and you’re still interested in her being interested in you, you should shave as much as she asks you to. If you don’t have a girlfriend, shaving your legs is part of the sport, but no need to go overboard. There is such a thing as too much.

Jordan: I like a clean shaven guy. That being said, mid-thigh is probably good.  

Dear Auntie and Uncle, my partner says its totally ok they got their license revoked for drunk driving, because its an excuse to cycle everywhere… I’m not sure how I feel about this… how should I feel about this?

Kiel: At least there is one less car on the road, but you should probably find a new partner.  

Jordan: Ummm… you can still get a ticket for bicycling under the influence. Also riding a bike drunk is a really good way to find out the meaning of “Face Break”. 

Words: Kiel Reijnen and Jordan Reijnen

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