Adventures in Adelaide

Gallery with Carlee Taylor and Nathan Haas

Adelaide:  As the host city of the Tour Down Under, its got some killer cycling capital, including some fantastic local races and friendly local riders. It’s not on the map the way Sydney and Melbourne are, but this gem of a city has mountains, beaches and SO MANY KOALAS. img_1585-2 img_1476-1 img_1501-2

The Norwood CC cycling race on the weekend had the lineup in A grade of a 2.1 UCI race- props to the organisers on that one. Of course the club races comes with a clubhouse feeling and Mitchell Mulhern from De Rikje was trying a bit of a different pre race warm up. He’s home for a few months leaving behind the cold Dutch winter for some sun and hills in South Australia.


No trip to South Australia would be complete without good times with Adelaide’s finest. Carlee Taylor’s been on hand with the real local knowledge. Mainly this is where to get the best gelato.

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