11 Questions with Dan Martin

1.What is your name? Dan Martin

2. What is your favourite colour? Blue

3. First memory of riding a bike? I can remember taking my stabilizers off on a grass bank next to my house with my grandad, just before my 3rd birthday.

4. Weirdest food combination you have ever eaten? There’s a dessert in Catalunya which is simply chocolate truffles, olive oil and rock salt. Weird but it surprisingly works.  

5. If you could be a contestant on any game show or in a reality show which one? Why?  Great British bake off. But I want to be a judge not a contestant so I can taste everything. 

6. Spiderman or Superman?  Why? Spider-Man, because Superman takes himself too seriously. Shooting webs seems a lot more fun. And then there’s the kryptonite factor.

7. Favourite James Bond Actor? Pierce Brosnan, struck the right balance between dry humour and action.  

8. Worst fashion trend you ever took part of? I have never really followed any kind of trend. Not even those silly finger skateboard things that were all the rage when I was a kid. So fashion definitely not. 

9. Cyclists love watches.  Whats up with that?  What is your favourite watch? We are busy people, we need to know the time?

10. Steve Martin, Dean Martin, Ricky Martin: Choose your favourite famous “Martin” (other than yourself.) First reaction was Steve Martin as apparently he has two brains. But then I remember being asked if I was Chris Martin of Coldplay’s younger brother at a Dublin airport check in desk. Of course I replied yes.

11. Speaking of Martin, did you ever notice its only one letter away from Martian?  Do you think there is life on Mars? The origin of my families name has always been a mystery to me. So maybe that’s it. But seriously if there was life up there I think we might know about it. Or maybe they are just not telling us.