11 Questions with Alexey Vermeulen

1. What is your name?

Lexcalibur of The Mitten.

2. What is your quest?

I seek The contract.

3. What is your favorite color?


4. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

What do you mean, a barn swallow or a cliff swallow? We have both in Michigan.

5. Worst fashion trend you were ever victim to?

Hockey hair…

6. Detroit Lions or Detroit Red Wings?  Why?

Red Wings all the way! Football?  Have you watched the Lions?

7. Favorite training road at home?

Gravel roads and the legendary Potowatami mountain bike trail!

8. Favorite training road abroad?

The coastal road in Girona along the Mediterranean Sea! Just not on the weekends in the summer unless you want to be apart of a moto gp race!

9. Hardest moment you’ve ever had on a bike?

Le Samyn 2016 – It was my first race over 200km with the pros, it was about every bit of weather except for sun! I questioned cycling. Here is my race notes after, I had still had some humor!

   “Crazy fu*king day. 30-45 kph winds…rain, and hail…all day. Typical Belgium. Legs felt decent considering it was my first race in awhile. I could feel the speed after a bit. Did really well in the neutral to be in good position for the breakaways…tried for a long time which helped to keep me upfront with all the cross wind sections. The first 100km was great. Rode with the team, in position. After we entered the local laps, 4x25km with all the cobbles sections and it started to hail and it got worse…shit hit he fan. I almost made the front group but just missed it and watched it ride 30 seconds ahead for a long time as my physical strength fell away. Eventually it was just a survivial. Freezing, I rode until we got the red flag and got pulled out of the race. I was okay on the cobbles the first lap…after that, form along with feeling in my hands went away and that was the end of that. Focusing on keeping the bike straight on the slippery Roubaix like cobbles was my only thought. Pioneer was obviously fu*ked up. I couldn’t see it in the race, but I did not average 500+ watts for 12 mins. I promise. Ha”

10. Spiderman or Superman?

Superman – He’s the fastest!

11. Weirdest food combination you’ve ever eaten

I am not a big mixer, I like space between my food… but the weirdest I would say was chicken and waffles in Richmond, VA.